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After School Special, the Second Stage produced improv team, is an auditioned group performing monthly at the MSU Auditorium. Scroll down to meet the crew :)

Team Leaders 

Sarah Hendrickson.jpg

Sarah Hendrickson

Team Director

After School Logo.png

Sebastian Barnett 

Team leader


Camden Ferguson

Team Leader

Cam is a Senior studying Marketing and this is his 3rd year being apart of after school special. In his free time Cam enjoys underwater improvisational crocheting, hanging out with his friends, and being a part of a newly found snake jazz band. Cam would like to thank his cat Tahoe for being a real one and getting him through all of the hard times in life.

Headshot 2022-2023.jpg

Shelby Ginsburg 

Team Leader


Toby Sanders

Team Leader

the Gang


Ebony Battle



Michael Bolanos

Michael is a Junior BFA Acting major. This is his 2nd year being a member of After School Special and has absolutely loved every single moment of it, thus far. Outside of ASS, Michael loves writing songs and cooking up whatever his heart desires. He’s been told he has to thank his friends and family for their unconditional love and support.


Tyler Finch

Tyler is a Junior studying Acting and this is his first year being a part of After School Special. He enjoys hanging out with his boys, deep contemplation, and practicing his dougie. You can usually find him at an on campus gym, attending his classes, or on tylerfinch dot com. 

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David Meagher



Tyler Radze



Sam Smelser

Sam is a Junior BFA acting major at MSU. She has been in After School Special for two years and her favorite comics include John Mulaney, Preacher Lawson, and Robin Williams.


Alex Spevetz

Alex is a Sophomore BFA Actor with a Creative Writing Minor and is ass-tatic to be in After School Special! They are currently in The Steam Plays and Stefon's Monsters and Other Strange Fantasies. Besides trying their best to be somewhat comedic, Alex loves to read and hug their dog Ozzie.


Logan Verlinde


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